Le Zi Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

RORZE TECHNOLOGY TRADING CO., LTD., Beijing is the branch office of RTT. It was established in July, 2016, Fengtai District ,Beijing City. The main scope includes semiconductor equipment selling, automatic equipment of LED base board transferring selling and all related after-selling service.

Selling of automatic system and area service for North area of China

Customer List: ThinkIT, SMIC Beijing, NMC Sevenstar, SMIC Tianjin, CETC45, IMECAS, HWATSING
  • Company Profile
  • Establish:July, 2016
  • Employee:2 people
  • Address:Room 916, Building 10, Pomegranate Center,NO.88 LiuXiang Road, Fengtai District , Beijing, 100079 China
  • Tel.:+86-010-56762260
  • Sales contact: sales@rorze.com.cn
  • Service contact: service@rorze.com.cn
  • Products
  • Wafer Sorting Machine
  • Wafer conveyor (EFEM)
  • Wafer Atmosphere Robots
  • Wafer Vacuum Robots
  • Vacuum Platform
  • Wafer calibration machine (Aligner)
  • Wafer handling machines (Loadport)